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Non-Profit | Accounting Software | NMS Phoenix ArizonaThere are many Not-for-Profits /Non Profits that are an essential part of our lives and help our society be better. They help our communities and those in need, and they should have robust accounting software to facilitate and streamline their business processes to be more efficient to successfully accomplish their missions.

How many hours do you waste on manual processes like Excel reporting, not being able to find the accounting data you need for your reports and audits, the difficulty of determining budget variances, time consuming process of consolidating reports for your Organization's business units, and not being able to easily track your grants, funds, and projects? How many hours do you waste manually entering your employee expense reimbursements and trying to find the proper individual for their approvals? How many hours do you waste manually entering data into your current accounting software from your donor software and other applications used by your organization?

After all the duplicate data has been entered, do you find yourself spending time locating the errors and correcting them and at times discovering your current software will not let you make the corrections for the time period you need? Consider how you could better spend your time to further your Organization's purpose with current and accurate information if you did not have to work with antiquated accounting software architecture.

21st Century Accounting Software Architecture

Let New Millennium Solutions and Intacct's cloud accounting software partner with your Organization to produce robust financial and management reports, streamline your business processes, eliminate double entry, integrate Intacct with your other business applications, take advantage of other cloud software integrations with Intacct, and free your organization from the traditional on-premise accounting software.

Intacct's architecture can support Not-for-Profit/Non Profit Organizations and provide business processing benefits. New Millennium Solutions can help you implement Intacct's functionality to make your Organization more efficient and free resources that are used in dysfunctional processes.

Here are just some of the ways Intacct's functionality can provide your Organization with modern processes:

  • You can have browser and internet connectivity for any-time and any-where accounting access. This access frees your Organization to use personnel resources that are not at any specific location.
  • You can have mobile accessible dashboards, reports, and graphs that provide your Organization's leaders, managers, board of directors, auditors, and other interested parties the visibility they need to view their reports.
  • You can have GL Account architecture to track grants, funds, and projects and reduce your time spent building Excel reports. You can also generate reports for the IRS Form 990 and other compliance reporting for 501©(3)s.
  • You can have a multi-entity environment to keep track of all your companies/business units/satellite offices that share common master records like GL accounting numbers, vendors, grants, funds, projects, special events, etc.
  • You can have multi-currency transactions for your international activities.
  • Your employees and volunteers can enter their own expenses for reimbursement, and Intacct will automate the approval process for the payments.
  • Your employees and volunteers can enter purchase requisitions, and Intacct will automate the approval process for the payments.
  • You can streamline credit card processing.
  • You can integrate a donor software with Intacct and reduce double entry and data entry errors.
  • You can integrate a bill payment processing software to handle your payment processing.
  • You can customize Intacct with custom fields, smart rules, smart events, and program functionality to meet your Organization's specific needs with Intacct's Platform Services.
  • You can have 4 annual upgrades, unlike on-premise upgrades that can take up to 2 years and sometimes longer before they are available, and then your Organization is responsible for the upgrades themselves or for obtaining external talent that can perform the upgrades for you.
  • You can eliminate the on-premise hardware and software and re-assign personnel resources with cloud accounting software.

New Millennium Solutions can help your Organization focus your time on accomplishing your mission goals instead of doing manual processes that should be automated and spending hours trying to resolve data entry errors.


Helios is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to the education of minds. Read what they say about New Millennium Solutions (NMS).

Accounting Software Testimonial | Helios Education Foundation | NMS Phoenix Arizona"New Millennium Solutions has always provided the highest level of technical support and customer service to our organization. We view NMS as an extension of our staff and consider them a preferred and valued partner."

Michael Chesin, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Helios Education Foundation

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